Nobile XTR 2016

Main features Super pop Maximum comfort Big surface providing exceptional planning and manoeuvrability The XTR is an especially designed board for flair freestylers looking for a board to ride in low-wind conditions. The board is also perfect for bigger riders too, and keeps the exceptional NHP features in a light-wind version to...

699,00 € *

Nobile Flying Carpet Tandem 2016

Main Features Designed for two riders Optimum upwind performance Maximized planning surface Not only parachute jumps are available in tandem now! The Tandem...

899,00 € *

Liquid Force Happy Pill Combo 2016

Fast Light Durable Happiness! That is what the Liquid Force Happy Foil will bring to your kiteboarding life! Liquid Force’s commitment to the hydro foiling...

2.179,00 € *

Liquid Force Overdrive 2016

Minimal Rocker Mid Flex Full Wood New to Liquid Force’s board lineup, the Over Drive brings high-end freestyle performance to the light- wind arena. Featuring a...

ab 499,00 € *

ION Kite Tec Boardbag Race 2016

Ausstattungsmerkmale 8 + 10 mm Profilschaumstoffpolsterung Groß genug für alle Kite-Raceboards Separater Seitenschutz Farbe petrol...

169,95 € *




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