2021 AIRUSH AK Harness Synth V2

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  • A8859434852HA_V2
SYNTH HARNESS Classic high support waist harness. Medium hardness lumbar... mehr
Produktinformationen "2021 AIRUSH AK Harness Synth V2"


Classic high support waist harness.
Medium hardness lumbar support.
Synth Seat Attachment adaptability.

The AK Synth Harness hosts a number of high comfort features, which include low profile pressed aluminum webbing buckles to reduce hard points and thick material bunching, which often cause unnecessary discomfort.

The shape of the buckles allows for a strong hold on the webbing to guarantee a reliable webbing lock and snug fit. For premium all-around performance and comfort, with or without a wetsuit, the Synth harness also features a full neoprene interior liner.

A unique feature within our range, the AK Synth Harness has the option of an integrated seat harness connection, converting it from a waist harness to a fully supported seat harness.

Available in: XS  |  S  |  M  |  L  |  XL
CC1: Black    CC2: Dark Teal

Compatible with the Synth Seat Connection. 

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