2021 AIRUSH Slayer

2021 AIRUSH Slayer
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  • AIR21SR
  SLAYER High performance strapless freestyle shape. All terrain... mehr
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High performance strapless freestyle shape.
All terrain versatility – wave, flatwater & foil.
Built in a bombproof twintip construction.

The Slayer introduces a completely unique concept between strapless freestyle, wave riding, and flatwater foiling freedom. Featuring a fully gripped deck and raised rails for easy grabbing when riding strapless, and a low profile standing area for easy edging. The Slayer is really versatile making it an ideal board for travelling.

Closed bottom M6 foil mounts – single side.
Full EVA deck pad.
Unique full length raised grip rails.

142×47  152×47

Ride the Slayer with the Carving Foil.

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