CABRINHA Fusion V-Series Tail Stabilizers 2023

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SIZES: 180 / 230 / 285

One of the biggest effects on hydrofoil performance comes from the stabilizers. In a sport that is so diverse in its attributes and styles of riding, you need to have the right product to help you get the maximum performance from your system. Introducing the new V-Series Stabilisers. V represents versatility, and through the modular Fusion system, you are able to custom tailor your ride. Add a V-Series Stabiliser to any of the Cabrinha Fusion foils and get ready for the next step in performance & usability.



  • Optimal efficiency and maneuverability
  • Flat center, to downward tips, for perfect balance between locked-in feel and agility
  • Single molded components for minimal drag
  • Full prepreg carbon construction
  • PMI core for superior strength to weight ratio


  • 180 cm², WS-340, AR-6.42
  • 230  cm², WS-400, AR-6.96
  • 285 cm², WS-450, AR-7.11

Set Includes:

Stabilizer, wing covers, 2pcs m6 ss316 torx Ti coated screws, {(ear fuselage not included)