CABRINHA Stylus Kiteboard 2023

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STYLUS LIGHTWIND / FREERIDE SIZES:  150 X 45 / 160 X 47.5 The stylus has... mehr
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SIZES: 150 X 45 / 160 X 47.5

The stylus has redefined kiteboarding in lighter winds.  What is really impressive though is its top end performance.  

While care has been made for optimal efficiency for light wind planing and control its stiff flex, light weight paulownia core allows you to still take to the air and take advantage of less than perfect wind conditions.  

The Stylus is no light wind ‘Door’ and you’ll be thankful of its feature rich design long after the wind picks up.  Its light wind rocker will get you planing while others are still stood watching from the beach deliberating. 


  • Excellent performance in light wind conditions
  • Versatility beneath your feet
  • Excellent upwind ability
  • Offset binding inserts to the heel edge
  • Asymmetrical stance for better grip, control and lightwind planing
  • Rail channels for grip
  • UD basalt to support light-wind low rocker line for early planing

Included with the board:
4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10x m6x16mm screws, grab handle.

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