2021 Eleveight Airgo V2

2021 Eleveight Airgo V2
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The Airgo V2 bindings feature anti-slip EVA pads with two adjustable straps to... mehr
Produktinformationen "2021 Eleveight Airgo V2"

The Airgo V2 bindings feature anti-slip EVA pads with two adjustable straps to embrace your feet, offering a snug yet comfortable fit, full control, and the cushioning of chop and landings.


  • ●  Snug and comfortable fit for grip and control

  • ●  Smart design for easy and fast assembling

  • ●  Diverse stance options to suit any rider

  • ●  Highly adjustable to fit any foot

  • ●  3D footbed cushions chop and hard landings / CHANGES 2021

  • ●  Complete redesign of the base plate and straps

  • ●  Added adjustment options to align the base plate (stance width, foot angle, rail-to-rail-alignment)

  • ●  Adjustable strap angle and toe ridge

  • ●  Variable strap width

  • ●  Double strap for ergonomic fit to any foot shape

  • ●  Easy and fast assembling and adjusting

  • ●  100 % eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging

    / DESIGN Vision

    Our premium Airgo V2 pads and straps provide the best possible connection to your twin tip, offering exceptional comfort and advanced control. Our R&D team created a system that is fully customizable while being swift to install. The base plate and strap system are uncomplicated to assemble and allow the rider to adjust the foot angle, center alignment, and stance within seconds. These ergonomic adjustments are crucial as proper positioning not only elevates the riding performance and comfort but also prevents injuries. The soft anti-slip EVA and the variable double straps deliver a snug fit that gives complete control. The padding cushions rough landings and chop, protecting your knees and ankles, ensuring an outstanding riding experience. The system is 100 % eco-friendly and comes in plastic-free packaging. Strap yourself into full control and enjoy the ride with the Airgo V2.

    / DESIGNER Quote

    Our ultra-comfortable Airgo V2 pads and straps come with an adjustable strap system and superior stance alignment options that attune to riders of all sizes.
    – Peter Stiewe

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