2019 Naish Kite Foilboard Hover Custom 145

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High-speed Foiling Conceived to push the boundaries of speed, the new Hover 145 foilboard... mehr
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High-speed Foiling

Conceived to push the boundaries of speed, the new Hover 145 foilboard challenges to push your limits with its sleek and narrow shape. Its precise, CNC cut, closed cell core is wrapped in lightweight, high tensile fiberglass, providing excellent strength with minimal weight. Its flat, straight rocker and beveled rails deliver excellent stability—especially helpful when edging hard upwind and making micro adjustments under pressure. Footstraps are positioned at a wide stance to support balance when making micro adjustments. For a more customized ride, two, ten-inch US boxes create a dual track system allowing riders to easily fine-tune where the foil sits on the board.

When pairing Naish Hover Foilboards with your Naish Foil, use the screws supplied with the foil.  
Reference which screws to use HERE


    • Narrow Design = Extreme edging

    • Beveled Edges = Bounces through chop w/out catching + maintains high speeds when edging

    • Double UD Deck Fiberglass Reinforcement = Increases stiffness & board feedback when launched

    • Lightweight = Responsive feel & minimal weight

    • Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad = Excellent comfort + cushioning + traction + flotation

    • CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping

    • (2) 10” US Boxes = Convenient foil adjustment

    • Wide Stance Footstrap Inserts = Supports balance during micro-adjustments

    • Insert Screws Included (foot straps sold separately)
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