2019 Airush Switch V9

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  • A88594348177V9.1
SWITCH CORE Ultimate freeride machine. Smooth cruising full flex tips. Cross... mehr
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  • Ultimate freeride machine.
  • Smooth cruising full flex tips.
  • Cross Bracing technology.

The longest running board model in kiteboarding history, the Switch is the ultimate and most refined freeride machine. Although the overall outline of the Switch has remained the same, a significant change in the 3D deck contouring has improved the flex characteristics for excellent comfort and weight reduction, giving this board a smoother and livelier riding experience.

The Airush Multi-zone Biotech Construction is a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich; this multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material. This core construction allows us to design the boards with a broad thickness variance throughout the deck. The Flex Tip technology featured on our Switch range orients the board’s stiffness through the center between the rider’s feet to increase under foot stability while allowing the tips of the board to flex freely, resulting in an ultra-smooth and comfortable ride.

The cross-bracing technology supports the flexible tips from over flexing, and hence increasing durability, by orienting composite tape diagonally across the tips of the board.

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