2020 Liquid Force Pod Foil Board

2020 Liquid Force Pod Foil Board
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Pod Foil Board     Taking inspiration from the original Happy Board of the... mehr
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Pod Foil Board



Taking inspiration from the original Happy Board of the past, the Pod is a full EPS core, multipurpose foil board that will serve as both a wakesurfer, and a foil board for behind the boat or a kite.  Its adjustable track mounting system allows you to find the perfect place for the mast, and makes it quick work to remove the foil and ride it as a traditional wakesurfer. After all, the original shape of this board stems from the Happy Wakesurf line, lending you confidence with or without a mast.  

4’4″ WIDTH: 19.5” VOLUME: 18.7L


The board includes a set of inline inserts in case you want foot security or a little assistance while learning to tackle the hydrofoil. With its lightweight construction and padded top deck and full surf style rails, the Pod is another board that can handle many different sports. The Pod is perfect for those looking to take a step up from the Rocket without sacrificing the ability to have a multisport and multipurpose board.  


Core Stringerless EPS CNC core.
Shape Hydrofoil specific forgiving shape while still featuring traditional rails for non hydrofoil riding.
Inserts Single set of inline M6 inserts offering multiple stance options.
Concave Single to double concave hull design improves tracking and planing speed.
Track Mounting Adjustable track mounting allowing multiple mounting options.
Grip Full deck EVA.
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