2021 Naish S25 Hover Wake

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  • N516.10015.000.1
HOVER WAKE Multi-Sport Platform If there is a will, there’s a wave. And those who have... mehr
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Multi-Sport Platform

If there is a will, there’s a wave. And those who have a Hover Wake 4’6”, 4’10” or 5’2” can ride it. Whether wake foiling, wakesurfing, foil surfing, foil kiting or kitesurfing, this board lets riders do it all, and with ease. Designed initially with wakesurfing and foiling in mind, the Hover Wakesurf has the ideal outline, volume and rocker for performance riding. Attach any of the Naish foils to the Hover Wake and add a whole new level of riding. Experienced foil surfers will appreciate its nimble handling. Kiteboarders have also latched on to the Hover Wakesurf as a do it all board for strapped/strapless kitesurfing and foil kiting.


  • Thruster Fin Setup = Snappy + control + release off the top for use without the foil
  • Fast Rocker Line = Speed while surfing the wake  
  • Kick in the Tail = Tight turns
  • Compact Balanced Outline = The ability to carve a nice turn in the pocket, ideal for small waves and boat wakes
  • Perfect Buoyancy = Easy starts
  • CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping
  • (2) 10” US Boxes = Easy adjustable foil set up
  • Footstrap Inserts = More options for foiling and kiting


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