ELEVEIGHT Curl V2 Board 2022

ELEVEIGHT Curl V2 Board 2022
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  • ESBC22
Product Name: Curl Version: V2 Style: Surf Sizes: 5.7 / 5.10 Pads & Fins: included Delivering... mehr
Produktinformationen "ELEVEIGHT Curl V2 Board 2022"

Product Name: Curl
Version: V2
Style: Surf
Sizes: 5.7 / 5.10
Pads & Fins: included
Delivering dynamic rail-to-rail surf performance, the Curl is a state of the
art shortboard for powerful medium to high waves.
● All round shortboard for powerful surfing in medium to big waves
● Lightweight and durable CVC construction
● Single concave bottom to generate speed and dynamic drive
● Comfortable high-density EVA pads provide perfect grip
● Thruster fin set up with Futures box
● New production facility
● New sandwich construction
● Updates in shape
● Extra PVC reinforced top deck for maximum durability (PVC compression deck skin)
● Extra-strong foot strap plugs
● Bottom carbon stringer to give optimum balance between flex and stiffness
/ DESIGN Vision
Unlock your potential with the Curl's unlimited performance in all surf conditions. Ultra-durable and
lightweight, the Curl features a full layer of 3mm high density PVC sandwich along with a carbon
stringer on the bottom give an incredible surf feel without compromising on durability.
With the single concave bottom, thin rails, medium rocker line and a squash tail, the shape creates
outstanding surf characteristics with enough control to throw some serious spray.

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