2021 Levitaz R5-S RACE SERIES

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  • LEV500200
HYDROFOIL CHARACTERISTICS   Maximum stability and control Incredible high upwind... mehr
Produktinformationen "2021 Levitaz R5-S RACE SERIES"


  • Maximum stability and control
  • Incredible high upwind and deep downwind angles
  • Impressive top speed
  • Outstanding bending and torsion stiffness

The Levitaz R5 Race Series is designed and built to meet the highest demands of the professional kitefoil racer. It achieves highest performance characteristics in every condition, from pushing hard in over 25 knots down to racing right on the lower wind limit. The foil design is highly ventilation resistant providing maximum trust in your ride - you will feel safe in every situation. The direct power transmission allows a purely intuitive way of balancing your kite, foil and riding position.

The Levitaz R5-S is designed with less span to meet the requirements of lighter riders and is simultaneously much easier to controll, more roll agile, which lets you maneuver from port to starboard with ease.



The unique stainless steel box is the heart of the foil and sets a new benchmark for stiffnessaccurancy of fit and durability.




The R5-S model enables the adjustment of the angle of incident (AOI) to your personal preferences and particular conditions. Due to the innovative mechanism you can set your AOI without disassembling any part.

The R5-S can be adopted to every detail like your weight, board model with its scoop-rocker-line, footstrap and box position as well as different riding conditions.

The adjustment is that easy that this is possible even on the water between your races.

Mast R5 V1 (112 cm)
Frontwing R5-S (525 cm² wing area, 69 cm span)
Rearwing R5
Foil Screw Kit 2 x M6x60 + 1x M6x30, TX
  2 x Threaded Pin M6x0,75
  1 x Crossway Bolt
Tool Kit 1 x Allen Key, INBUS 3,0 mm
  1 x Allen key TX-30
  1 x Loctite LB 8065, 20 g
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