2021 Levitaz ASPECT2 96

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  • LEV110110
HYDROFOIL CHARACTERISTICS   Lift Speed: 9.8 knots Smooth stall behaviour... mehr
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  • Lift Speed: 9.8 knots
  • Smooth stall behaviour
  • Increased speed range
  • Easier to control, uncompromising performance

The new Aspect2 wing is created with a lower aspect ratio and rounded tips. Therefore, the foil is easier to control and safer to ride without losing the radical performance of the previous model. The new shape offers a huge speed range. This fact is underlined by its smooth stall behavior and the low stall speed. The Aspect2 is pre-configured with the 55 cm fuselage and the Bionic rear wing which enables unprecedented maneuverability.

Comes ready to fly with cover set and our new hydrofoil bag!



  • Full Carbon
  • 96 cm length
  • Suitable for 4 screw plate mount (see FAQ "Mast Interface" for measurements)

The full carbon 96 cm mast is perfect for deep water conditions, for easy maneuvers and best hydrodynamic performance. The profile with special radius is designed with low-drag profil at the bottom, the middle section shows an anti-ventilation profile, the top section is force flux optimized to guarantee directest control.



Our unique connection system allows to change the front and rear wing in seconds.
For every level and every condition we offer the perfectly matching carbon wing.

The lowest possible surface leads to minimal drag combined with maximum stiffness!
We rely on our special high alloy steel comprising these advantages together.
The assembly with steel is solid and very reliable.

The Aspect2 comes standardized with the 55 Bionic Fuselage and Bionic rear wing to enable best maneuverablity, top speed and upwind angle. Due to our modular design it performes great with our Freeride wing and Fuselage.

Mast Full Carbon, 96 cm, 4-screw Plate Mount
Frontwing Aspect 2 (625 cm²)
Fuselage Bionic (55 cm)
Rearwing Bionic (190 cm²) with recommended angle +0,6°
Connection Plate  
Angle Shim Set +0,15°/+0,3°/+0,6°/+0,9°
Foil Screw Set incl. Tool 4 x M6x20, 2 x M6x14
Anti Seize Paste Loctite LB 8065, 20g
Suitable Protective Cover Set (3-piece set) Frontwing-, Rearwing-, Mast-Cover
Travel Bag for Foils Travel Bag (100 cm)
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