AXIS Front Wing 860 - SP - Carbon

AXIS Front Wing 860 - SP - Carbon
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The AXIS SP 860 Carbon front wing was designed with Performance Surf foiling in mind. As the... mehr
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The AXIS SP 860 Carbon front wing was designed with Performance Surf foiling in mind. As the larger size of the new Surf Performance wings, the 860 addresses the need of foil surfers for fast and loose turns on medium to small size waves.

Both the SP 60 and the SP 760 wing (the medium size wing of the SP collection), sit very well in the pocket. They don't blast you too far out, like some other wings do. These are true surf wings with good pumpability. 

You can throw the Surf Performance wings (660, 760, 860) around a lot more in the waves which we love so much. And due to their deep V design, they won't throw you too fast ahead of the wave. They are much easier to keep in the zone. 

Other than prone, the AXIS SP 860 carbon wing is a fantastic wave and cruise style kite foiling wing for lighter days. You can ride is as slow as you want, turns on a dime, and you can still push it on those faster downwinders. A perfect one wing kite setup which excels in the lightest of the wind. 

The SP 860 can also be high performance SUP wing for bigger days or lighter riders. And if it gets really windy, the SP 860 can be the surfiest Wing Surfing wing you have ever used. 

Ideal for:

Prone foiling medium / small waves

Kite Foiling freeride or waves in might or medium winds

SUP foiling on bigger days

Wing surfing on bigger days


WINGSPAN: 860mm (34 inches)

CHORD: 180mm (7.08 inches)

ACTUAL AREA 1293 square cm / 200 square inches

PROJECTED AREA: 1212 square cm / 188 square inches

VOLUME: 1700 cubic cm / 104 cubic inches

Suggested Rear Wing:

Rear Wing 340mm Regular Carbon

Rear Wing 370mm Regular Carbon

Rear Wing 400mm Regular Carbon

Chopped Rear Wing 460mm Flat Carbon

Suggested Fuselage lengths:

Red Short (fast turning, with good balance of control)

Red Ultrashort Fuselage (super loose and fast turning - advanced level riders)

Red Crazyshort Fuselage (mental turns)

Customer Quote:

"Super responsive wing, feels like a go cart though turns but also very smooth in chop/whitewater & forgiving when close to breaching."

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