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  • EPS22XX041.1
Gentle and durable with nifty features, the PS will boost skill progression and maximize fun... mehr
Produktinformationen "ELEVEIGHT PS V5 Kite 2022"

Gentle and durable with nifty features, the PS will boost skill progression and maximize fun on the water for freeriders and kite schools alike.



  • Swept three-strut hybrid design for rapid progression and fun sessions
  • Huge wind range with amazing upwind performance
  • Innovative safety features and automatic relaunch for carefree riding
  • Reinforced heavy-duty build quality for extra strength
  • Ultra-stable with forgiving flying characteristics

This latest version of our gentle power-beast maintains it’s stability and responsiveness by using Japan’s finest cloth, the state-of-the-art X4 Ripstop canopy made by Teijin Techno Force™. It enhances the longevity of the kite while counteracting canopy stretch, meaning the kite will stand rock-solid in the sky, patiently waiting for steering impulses.

By shaving off unnecessary weight we achieved improved agility. This makes the PS soar fast while keeping it entirely controllable. Our new trailing edge with smart load-diffusers and the decreased strut diameter also means a leap in the kite’s overall performance. The fresh bridle concept has better pulley placements, making the PS’s flight characteristics more precise with renewed direct bar feedback.

Together with the countless safety features, such as our industry-leading bridle deflectors, the incredible relaunch characteristics that are genuinely “automatic,” and the sheer endless power, the PS is the perfect package for any rider looking for a steep rise in progression. It is also a sensible choice for those seeking a crash-resistant jack-of-all-trades-kite for care-free riding with amazing hangtime and boosting characteristics.

The PS has been sparking kite addiction since 2017.

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