RRD Vision Y27 Kite 2022 DEMO

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DESCRIPTION The Vision Y27 provides a versatile, easy to use, responsive, and... mehr
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The Vision Y27 provides a versatile, easy to use, responsive, and predictable kite that will allow an effortless progression in all disciplines.
The overall turning speed and movement throughout the window identify this kite as a fast yet respectful machine, able to lead you to the apex of your progression, whether is about freestyle, wave, simply stylish freeride and foil riding. The direct feel on the bar together with its consistent power and stability will make you feel totally in control and linked to the kite in zero time. The Vision is ONE-STRUT design in sizes 13.5, 15 and 17 mt, It’s the perfect kite for foil riding or for anyone who wants a light-wind setup.5 – 6 -7 – 8 – 9 – 10.5 and 12 mt with three struts, 13.5 – 15 and 17mt one strut.



  • Internal and external extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel
  • 45 degree leading edge reinforcements panels
  • Leading edge seam protection
  • Bridle anti-tangle device
  • Radial reinforcements
  • 3-strut construction with additional rounded Kevlar reinforcements
  • Double Dacron reinforcements on the middle strut
  • Techno Force™ Double Ripstop
  • Quick Air flow Valve for easier pumping and deflating with special moulded protection cap
  • Diamond grid
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