2010 CABRINHA Deluxe Waist Harness

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To reach top performance you need a good kite, a good board swell as the proper harness. The... mehr
Produktinformationen "2010 CABRINHA Deluxe Waist Harness"

To reach top performance you need a good kite, a good board swell as the proper harness. The waist harnesses are recommended for the advanced riders, who need a more loose feeling and a lot more freedom to move.

Cabrinha Deluxe Waist Harness is perfect for such riders, and the 2010 model is enhanced to offer extra efficiency. It features a 100% wrap design which makes it perfect for freestyle and freeride. The rider has a very comfortable stance, while the thermoform inner liner stays in permanent contact with the body.

For extra efficiency, the Deluxe Harness is equipped with a EZ spreader bar which makes entry and exit smooth and fast. It uses a four point connection to make the kite respond accurately to any body move. The top position of the knife assures quick and easy reach in case you need it. At the same time the quick release handlepass leach attachment is easy to adjust according to your needs. Comfortable and efficient, the Cabrinha Deluxe Waist Harness is the perfect accessory to complete your kiteboarding gear.


Size         cm       inches
46/XS    71-78     28-30
48/S      76-83     30-32
50/M      81-88     32-34
52/L      86-93     34-36
54/XL    91-98     36-38

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