2019 Airush Vantage V3

2019 Airush Vantage V3
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Kite Größe

  • A8859434800VV3
VANTAGE Race Performance Low drag design for maximum speed. High aspect ratio for... mehr
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Race Performance

  • Low drag design for maximum speed.
  • High aspect ratio for competitive upwind performance.
  • Incredible light wind jumping kite.

The Vantage V3 introduces the latest evolution of our high speed, high aspect race and boosting machine. Perfect for going fast on the slalom or upwind racecourse, or as a pure freeride kite for the rider looking for massive airtime even in the lightest of wind.

The high aspect design and refined foil shape work together to optimize the speed through the window, allowing the kite to sit far forward, giving maximum top end speed and competitive upwind ability.

The V3 bridle system provides optimum sheeting range while maintaining steering even when completely de-powered. The Vantage V3 is compatible with all Airush 4-line control bars.

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