AIRUSH Progression V2 Foilboard 2020

AIRUSH Progression V2 Foilboard 2020
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The Airush Progression Foil is the perfect entry-level foil with the same design fundamentals... mehr
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The Airush Progression Foil is the perfect entry-level foil with the same design fundamentals as the narrower Core foil board, making it extremely versatile, taking you from your first steps in foiling to advanced freeride.

The Progression Foil Board outline features a relatively narrow tail with the wide point further forward. The wider nose optimizes the stability when touching down or getting started, while the narrower tail allows the board to be edged into the wind more aggressively, specifically when using a shorter mast or for the more advanced rider going upwind.

The refined bottom shape features bevel rails in the tail with a release edge merging to the convex nose bottom shape for soft touch downs on any angles.

Configuration for footstraps can be set as a three strap setup with offset front straps or with a single front strap.

The foil attachment features a double box system allowing the board to be compatible with most vertical mast, plate-style foils.

145cm x 51cm:
Ideal for entry level and intermediates or heavier riders in lightwinds.

Lower volume helps the board sit for longer on it’s side when waterstarting,

Wide deck makes it stable in the air, and gives stability when foil lift is not engaged and speeds are low. Excellent for beginner riding and off foil tacks, gybes and ’touchdown recovery’.

Backward mast position and rounded tail aid the ‘on foil’ carving ability.

Bevelled rails and high nose rocker greatly aid ‘touchdown recovery’ by preventing the board from sticking and stopping when lift is lost. Essential for beginners and advanced riders pushing their abilities.

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