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  • EXS230
Breaking Big Air boundaries, the XS has an extreme boost that will rocket you to new levels.... mehr
Produktinformationen "ELEVEIGHT CS V3 Kite 2023"

Breaking Big Air boundaries, the XS has an extreme boost that will rocket you to new levels.



  • Delta hybrid five-strut design for stability in serious Big Air boosts
  • Explosive lift and extra-long hangtime
  • Massive grunt for the highest jumps in any condition 
  • Bombproof construction for ultra-durability
  • Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics with direct feedback

Big Air gets even bigger with the new XS.
Smashing boundaries for height and hangtime, version 3 delivers raw power to the most extreme radical moves. Created for the needs of demanding adrenalin junkies, the XS is as grunty as it gets breaking records in Big Air.

The sophisticated delta hybrid design has a high aspect ratio delivering an increased angle of attack that balances power with ease of handling. The explosive lift is met with bombproof construction and stability for adrenaline junkies wanting to hit full send.

Efficiency and hangtime are enhanced by a flattened arc making the XS intuitive to steer and extremely responsive. The direct turning and bar feedback allows for perfect timing ready to take off and be rocketed to the moon.

The XS is designed for hardcore riders and it’s World Champion Arthur Guillebert’s weapon of choice chasing storms. Commit to the send and you are catapulted into the sky with such forward momentum that delivers the most powerful megaloops. The extended hang time makes the XS perfect for old school hooked-in tricks, yet allows for easy upwind travel to get you back in the zone fast. We put a lot of work into the aerodynamics to create the perfect sweep in the wingtips as well as perfect the canopy curve. In less favourable conditions, the XS has fantastic low-end performance that will also assist progressing riders.

The five-strut frame is even lighter yet delivers stability in all situations and withstands the extreme forces in radical big air. Surprisingly versatile, freeriders will love how the XS can also handle freestyle and waves alike.

A must-have kite for radical riders, the new XS is the ultimate Big Air weapon.

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