F-ONE Kiteboarding Pocket 2022

F-ONE Kiteboarding Pocket 2022
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  • F77228-0101
POCKET Using compact outlines, we developed a complete range of boards with minimum length... mehr
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Using compact outlines, we developed a complete range of boards with minimum length for maximum fun. The POCKET boards offer tons of possibilities to enjoy foiling and engage in all kinds of turns or maneuvers.

  • Easy to handle
  • Great carving potential
  • Bulletproof construction

These boards have all the shape features that make them easy to handle and forgiving on the water: Beveled rails, double concave, and specific foiling outline with the wide point well forward. This light and sturdy board will accompany you on your foiling adventures.

The SLIM Tech construction results in a better control of the board, increased strength, and improved flexibilityBuilt around a PVC foam core with glass fiber layup and protective top / bottom sheet layers, the POCKET boards are as durable as it gets. The compact format makes them lighter, and easier to handle and transport. This is a board you will never have to worry about!

The range includes three sizes: 120×46 cm, 130×47 cm, and 145×50 cm to accommodate all user sizes and levels. All are equipped with a new full deck pad with a corduroy pattern, inserts for three footstraps, and the Twin-Tracks system for maximum compatibility with any foil.

Size Dimensions Vol. Weight Strap Inserts*
120 120 x 46 cm 3’11” x 18.1″ 9.8 L 3,3 Yes
130 130 x 47 cm 4’3″ x 18.5″ 10L 3,7 Yes
145 145 x 50 cm 4’9 x 19.6″ 11 L 4,1 Yes
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