2020 Liquid Force Boom

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Boom     The gear demands of wakestyle and park riding kiteboarders differ... mehr
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The gear demands of wakestyle and park riding kiteboarders differ greatly from the average Joe at the beach. That’s why when we set out to design the Boom we wanted to draw on the deep knowledge base of Liquid Force Wake. After all, they have been designing park-specific boards for years. By combining years of LF design knowledge with Brandon Scheid’s intimate understanding of everything kiteboarding, we created a board that can stand up to the high demands of the reigning Kite Park Champion.

150 X 43.3 RIDER WEIGHT >60 – 85KG


The Boom features a simple low-drag single concave bottom shape. This shape not only softens landings and aids in upwind tracking, it also helps keep your board speed high, preventing excessive bog in the water. Thanks to its high rocker line and bombproof grind base, the Boom is also right at home in the cable park. This makes traveling easier, as you only need one board to cover all of your shredding needs. The Boom delivers wakestyle/parkstyle performance. As Brandon says: “the board is one hell of an explosive, rock solid, and versatile shred sled!”


Core Computer profiled 100% wood core.
Inserts M6 inline inserts for ultimate strength and multiple stance options.
Channels Cascading parabolic flex tip layout that offers snappy pop and controlled flex in presses.
Bottom Shape Efficient low drag single concave bottom hull to help keep board speed high in marginal conditions
Rocker High rocker line that helps soften big landings and makes the Boom ideal for both kite park and cable park riding.
Bottom Sheet Liquid Force Grind Base for unsurpassed durability.
Construction Liquid Force’s exclusive Liquid Rail, the most durable sidewall construction available.
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