2019 Naish Torch

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The longest running kite in the Naish line, the Torch with ESP has kept freestyle and big-air... mehr
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The longest running kite in the Naish line, the Torch with ESP has kept freestyle and big-air specialists stoked for over a decade.
With input from Red Bull King of the Air Champions and top freestyle kiters, the Torch continues to be refi ned and tuned to deliver smoother
power and precise handling for predictable fl ying. For 2019 the focus has been on improving its low end power. Each size has been overhauled,
receiving adjustments to the leading edge diameter and profi le along with adjustments to the 5th line to ensure that there is maximum power
delivery in marginal conditions. Also receiving updates are the removal of the Dacron solid frame panels as the strength of Quad-Tex has
proven this feature no longer necessary. The removal of these panels reduces the weight while retaining the rigidity of the canopy. Also
enhancing the strength is a new thread material used on the leading edge, which tested off the charts in strength testing. With this you can
have confi dence your kite will hold strong, beating after beating. Bladder Lock is another new feature, securing the bladder in place and
preventing slippage. The ESP setting allows kiters to tune the fl ying angle for better control and easier depower.
Year after year, the Torch with ESP continues to set the bar as the pinnacle of freestyle performance and the 2019 model further reinforces
that legacy.

1. Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiffest, strongest canopy material on the market
2. Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy fl utter
3. ESP = Greater angle of attack control for more instant depower
4. Precision response for hooked & unhooked riding 5. Direct bar feel
6. Solid power through turns 7. Superior unhooked control
8. High-fl ow valve 9. Small leading diameter
10. Octopus Infl ation System = Lightest, easiest single-point infl ation system delivering
uniform pressure in the struts and leading edge

11. Solid Frame Panel Removal = Lighter weight
12. Bladder Lock = Secures bladder ends & prevents slippage
13. HT Plus = Strong, high-tensile thread fortifi es the leading edge

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