2020 Naish KL Pro

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Twintip Größe

  • N516.01190.000
KL PRO MODEL Pro Performance Big Air/Freestyle Sizes: 131x41, 137x42 Who is it... mehr
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Pro Performance Big Air/Freestyle

Sizes: 131x41, 137x42

Who is it for? 
Big air specialists and dedicated freestyle kiters.

What’s it do? 
Offers explosive pop, jumping higher than any other board out there and unmatched freestyle performance.

Why is it unique? 
Refined sizes with special fins allow the KL Pro Model to hold an edge and ride faster when overpowered for bigger jumping.

What’s new? 
Built for 3x King of the Air Champ Kevin Langeree to keep pushing the limits of big air kiteboarding.

The KL Pro Model is a collaborative effort between Naish and the 3x King of the Air Champ Kevin Langeree. We started with Kevin’s favorite board, the Monarch, and tuned it for even better big air performance. While the Monarch has built a loyal following of freestyle kiters all over the world thanks to its state-of-the-art, no-compromise freestyle design, The KL Pro comes in two new sizes delivering direct power for upwind drive and explosive pop on demand.

Like the Monarch, defined edges, powerfully engineered stiff flex and deep channels provide outstanding grip—even when at speed in choppy water and comes with a larger 5 cm fin set for even better grip. A lightweight basalt fiber construction gives the KL Pro Model an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and responsive flex. Its radiated Carbon V delivers insane pop when loading for freestyle maneuvers or huge jumps.

The performance proven 3D bottom shape is composed of beveled channel rails and steep quad tips for increased tracking and phenomenal edging. The reduced concave in the center section improves water entry and optimized flex between the rider’s feet.

Highly engineered and sleek in design, this board exceeds the demands of the best big air kiteboarder in the world.


  • 5.0 cm G-10 fins = Maximum grip at speed
  • Centered Inserts = Ability to ride both rails increases longevity
  • Freestyle Rocker = Powerful + fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel

  • Double Basalt Fiber = Strong + lightweight + lively response & flex characteristics

  • FTC 2.0 (Flex Torsion Control) = Optimized stiffness in both the axial & torsional axis + superior control
Low Flex = Powerful & responsive handling

  • 10° Angle Fin Platform = Superior grip
  • Small sizes = Optimized for edging hard when overpowered for bigger jumps
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