NAISH Monarch S27 Board 2023

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Twintip Größe

  • N516.31210.000
MONARCH Big Air/Performance Freestyle Sizes: 132x41, 135x41.5, 138x42, 142x42.5 “Built... mehr
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Big Air/Performance Freestyle

Sizes: 132x41, 135x41.5, 138x42, 142x42.5

“Built for power and speed, the Monarch has a loyal following of big air and freestyle kiters all over the world thanks to its state-of-the-art, no-compromise design. A strong construction built for performance gives the Monarch an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and responsive flex.” - IKSURF

Designed for riders looking to push their limits in big air and freeride disciplines. The Monarch is built to hold power, ride with speed, and have explosive pop. The Monarch features a unique bottom shape designed to channel water in a way that produces maximum hold to the water when loading up for explosive tricks, driving the board upwind to create more line tension than ever before. This board is perfect for an experienced rider hungry for more. 



  • 5.0 cm IXEF Fins - 5.0 cm fins for great grip and upwind performance. They have a high glass to plastic ration for strength and durability
  • Power Corners - Square and parallel corners help to lock in power, ride straight lines, and improve release
  • Freestyle Rocker - A freestyle rocker allows riders to do more with added power, speed, aggression, and liveliness
  • Centered Inserts - Centered inserts extend the life of your board by distributing wear evenly and allow for an easy transition between rails
  • Construction - Designed with a carbon strip to have low flex and quick reflex. It is built to last throughout the heaviest sessions and for boot riding



Monarch 132 132 cm 41 cm
Monarch 135 135 cm 41.5 cm
Monarch 138 138 cm 42 cm
Monarch 142 142 cm 42.5 cm
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