NAISH Traverse S27 Board 2023

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Twintip Größe

  • N516.31215.000
TRAVERSE Freeride/Freestyle Sizes: 138x41, 144x42.5, 152x43.5 “The Traverse really... mehr
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Sizes: 138x41, 144x42.5, 152x43.5

“The Traverse really makes its mark in its comfortable handling of chop, fun carving along that longer rail line and grippy ride that offers confidence to progressing riders. The Traverse would be a great choice for that distance ride or longer sessions for comfort and dependable riding that mixes a number of different styles together.” - The Kiteboarder

The Traverse is the ultimate twin tip board for any conditions. Inspired by Ewan Jaspan, our mission for the Traverse was to honor the true freeride mentality by creating the most versatile and comprehensive kiteboard on the market. We went through an extensive design process to deliver a fresh new feel to twin tip riding that covers all of the bases. With a long, grippy rail, this board locks into carves with a surf-like feel, producing long drawn-out lines in the water, no matter the conditions. The Traverse is a must-try for riders looking for the most fun money can buy. 


  • Centered Inserts - Centered inserts give you the ability to ride both rails and increase longevity
  • Rounded Ends - Rounded ends allow for smoother riding and carving, with an improved release
  • Long + Narrow Outline - A longer and narrower outline to make for a smoother ride that carves like a dream
  • 5.0 cm IXEF Fins - 5.0 cm fins for great grip and upwind performance. They have a high glass to plastic ration for strength and durability
  • Continuous Rocker - A continuous rocker eats chop and allows for aggressive pops with soft landings
Traverse 138 138 cm 41 cm
Traverse 144 144 cm 42.5 cm
Traverse 152 152 cm 43.5 cm
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