NAISH Traverse EJ Pro S27 Board 2023

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Twintip Größe

  • N516.31230.000
TRAVERSE EWAN JASPAN PRO Pro Freestyle/Freeride Sizes: 138x41, 144x42.5, 152x43.5 “The... mehr
Produktinformationen "NAISH Traverse EJ Pro S27 Board 2023"


Pro Freestyle/Freeride

Sizes: 138x41, 144x42.5, 152x43.5

“The range of use and places you can take the Traverse is what makes it my ideal board. We designed it to have an all new free feel, keeping fun at the top of the list, keeping your ride fresh every session” - Ewan Jaspan

The Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro is back by popular demand. We teamed up with Ewan Jaspan to design an all-around pro-model, covering multiple disciplines. With its narrow outline, the Traverse EJ Pro is designed to be ridden 5-10 cm longer than a typical twin tip. Combining comfortability and high-end construction, the Traverse is the ultimate do-it-all board. The sintered base offers maximum durability, increasing the board’s longevity. This board carves on a dime, rides smoothly through the chop, and glides on landing, making it the perfect choice for casual kiters or high-performance athletes.


  • Sintered Base - A sintered base makes the Traverse EJ Pro extremely durable and slide resistant
  • Centered Inserts - Centered inserts extend the life of your board by distributing wear evenly and allow for an easy transition between rails
  • G10 2.8 Fins - Our specifically designed smaller G10 2.8 Fins are specifically designed for hold when you want it and the ability to break free when needed
  • Rounded Ends - Rounded ends allow for smoother riding and carving, with an improved release
  • Long + Narrow Outline - A longer and narrower outline to make for a smoother ride that carves like a dream
Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro 138 138 cm 41 cm
Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro 144 144 cm 42.5 cm
Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro 152 152 cm 43.5 cm
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