2017 Nobile Kiteboarding NHP

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  • NOB17NHP
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STYLE: freeride, freestyle

Size (cm): 134x41 | 138x43 | XTR 140x46 | XTR 143x48

Main features:
– Superb traction, impressive top speed
– Best carving
– Insane pop for jumps and tech tricks
– Easy manoeuvres
– Early planing

Flex (1-10): 7
Rocker line: Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Hybrid CONCAVE
(Elliptical CONCAVE + Double CONCAVE channels)

The NHP is a top-class board in which all the Nobile technologies
have been used. It is perfect for freestyle and big air, without
compromising on comfort and upwind performance. We have
achieved this effect thanks to the Pre-Stress technology which
magically stretches the wood fibres by weaving them and
laminates it with glass fabrics in such an outstretched form. Owing
to this unique Nobile technology, the board gains bigger torsion
resistance which translates into fantastic upwind abilities and
massive pop for jumps. Pre-Stress maintains energy within the
board which, combined with perfectly chosen flex engineering,
ensures low weight, responsiveness and exceptionally soft
landings. The construction is a combination of Elliptical Concave
– which gives freedom of manoeuvres and great upwind
performance – and Double Concave Tips Channels. Together
with Pre-Stress they guarantee the perfect ride, solid jumps and
smooth landings. The specially designed Hydrodynamic Rocker
offers massive pop and take-off during jumps, making every trick
easy and fluid. The asymmetric shape, with the extended backside
edge, allows easy and more effective curves and turns, and
performs very well in all conditions, from flat through to choppy
conditions with small waves. Among NHP sizes you will also find
the low-wind version of this model. Construction of these sizes is
based on the Elliptical Concave and Flat Hydrodynamic Rocker,
and then modified in order to keep the NHP characteristics at
these extended sizes.

For whom?
For advanced riders looking for an exceptional big air,
freestyle board without compromising on comfort or upwind
performance. Designed to ride with straps.

– Generous Rocker guarantees comfort in chop and
exceptional board agility.
– The Double Concave is responsible for hard edging and
staying on track.
– Top-quality glass fibres pressed in APS technology,
combined with the wooden core, guarantee incredible pop
and endurance.
– Asymmetric outline ensures great upwind and carving
performance when riding switch.
– Elliptical Concave allows you to plane quickly and ride
– Double Concave channels guarantee perfect traction and
fantastic upwind performance.

Board set includes:
– Click’N’Go IFS
– Click’N’Go G10 Finss
– Grab Handle

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