2020 Nobile NHP WMN

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Twintip Größe

NHP WMN 2020   FREERIDE / FREESTYLE 133x40 | 136x41 WHY NHP WMN 2020:... mehr
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NHP WMN 2020



133x40 | 136x41


From flat water to choppy seas, the NHP WMN is adaptable to any conditions,
and is the ideal board for female riders who are looking for a truly unique but
form-friendly board that performs. Specifically tailored for the female kiteboarder,
the shape, design and construction are all designed with the distinct requirements
requested by our female riders in mind. With our enhanced knowledge of flex
engineering, this female model of the NHP is lighter compared to the standard
model, while it has professionally adjusted offset straps and a flex that perfectly
suits the lighter, subtler build of the female body. The rocker size and the
Asymmetrical Construction allow the rider full control in all conditions, while our
perfectly designed X-Reactive Flex combined with the rocker translates into a
seriously comfortable ride that forgives mistakes. For the female freestyler who’s
looking to push forward...
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