2020 Nobile T5

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Twintip Größe

  • K20-NOB-T5
T5 2020   FREERIDE / FREESTYLE 134x41 | 137x42 | 140x44 WHY T5 2020:... mehr
Produktinformationen "2020 Nobile T5"

T5 2020



134x41 | 137x42 | 140x44

WHY T5 2020:

For confident riders who want to up their freestyle game... Optimized to work in
all conditions, the T5 is a freeride board that is as happy on butter-flat lakes as it
is in choppy seas, and will provide ultimate rider satisfaction, whatever your level.
A Flat Continuous Rocker provides ample speed and insane upwind performance,
while the long backside edge of the Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape ensures
perfect control and enhances performance even further. The shorter toeside edge
translates into fast and agile turns, which makes riding on the T5 super smooth.
Edge jumps and freestyle tricks are accessible thanks to the board’s precisionbuilt
shape, and yet it is fully prepared to forgive the inevitable mistakes... The T5
is available in two versions: T5 Regular and T5 Woman, and come with the only
tool-free fin assembly system on the market: the Nobile Click‘N’Go.
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