2020 Nobile NHP Split Foil

2020 Nobile NHP Split Foil
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NHP SPLIT FOIL 2020   139 x 41,5 WHY NHP SPLIT FOIL 2020: The board... mehr
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139 x 41,5


The board has a 3D wood sandwich-construction and a precision designed X-Reactive Flex which, combined with the Hydrodynamic rocker line, translates into a seriously comfortable ride that is forgiving of mistakes, enhances comfort, and increases maneuverability.
Rectangular channels on the tips and a slightly thicker edge guarantee super upwind performance and stability when riding. The Hydrodynamic rocker also allows the board to perform well in chop, while a Split W-Connection (4th generation) maintains the rocker line and the high-performance capabilities of the board. The split also enables easier transportation and storage and reduces extra luggage charges… it’s a true travel-friendly board. 
We reinforced and stiffened the construction in selected areas to optimize the board for hydrofoil riding. The set-up is super lightweight, making it perfect for cruising and jumping, and has impressive maneuverability. The board can be ridden with straps or strapless.
So all you need for your next kite trip is the NHP Split Foil board with our Zen Hydrofoil, easily packed into the Nobile Check-In Bag alongside two kites and all your other travel necessities. No extra costs, and no unwanted hassle at the airport… another travel-friendly solution from Nobile!
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