RRD Rad Pad V1

RRD Rad Pad V1
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The new RADPAD and strap system has been designed to offer the best riding comfort possible.... mehr
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The new RADPAD and strap system has been designed to offer the best riding comfort possible. Built around an HT Nylon skeleton frame moulded inside a DUO – Density EVA core base, it guarantees right stiffness and a secure hold and grip.
Equipped with an adjusting system that allows micrometric accuracy in all directions and angles. You are able to trim the strap position, angle and size together with the whole pad plate position onto the board, perfectly customizing your stance and foot trim. You are now able to trim not only according to the length of your foot, but also the height, thickness and generally any particular shape.
The EVA cushioned pad base is made out of 3 different densities: the main pad outline made with mid density, the top one made with lower soft grip EVA density and the third density can vary according to the changeable heel cushioning type you want to use: yellow color for lower density and softer heel support (preferred freestyle choice), and red color for higher density and stronger heel support (preferred freeride or carving choice).



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