2019 RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil

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Introducing the RRD H-Flight freeride hydrofoil with 80cm mast and Aluminium fuselage... mehr
Produktinformationen "2019 RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil"

Introducing the RRD H-Flight freeride hydrofoil with 80cm mast and Aluminium fuselage

After more testing, research, and feedback from our global team riders, we have decided to incorporate our hybrid foil with a shorter 80cm aluminium mast (instead of 90cm) paired with an Aluminium fuselage (instead of a Carbon one). The changeable Carbon rear and front wings are unchanged.

We decided to use an 80cm ‘Full Flight’ mast to cater for those riders that are afraid to hit sandbanks and/or coral reefs at low tide and also for the simple reason that 80cm is long enough for free riding purposes. We decided to go for an Aluminum fuselage because it proved to be stronger, lighter, and is more cost effective.

To reduce the learning curve and to make Kitefoiling more accessible to everyone, we will still offer the two different additional mast lengths. These two optional masts, the 40cm “Take Off” and the 65cm “Touch & Go” together with the standard 80cm mast, make up the “RRD Aviation Academy Package” and are ideal for schools and/or beginners. These two short, optional masts, are available as spare parts and can be sold separately. The Behavior of our Foil set-up is very, stable, predictable, and reliable, which is why it has gained worldwide recognition and such great test results from the magazines.

We are proud to introduce a new result of our non-stop research and development team to the market.


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