RRD Y25 KSH Alu Set 2020

RRD Y25 KSH Alu Set 2020
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DESCRIPTION The Universal KSH-Alu set is the tool to enter kite foiling and the windless... mehr
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The Universal KSH-Alu set is the tool to enter kite foiling and the windless foil dimension.You can switch the use of this phenomenal set from Kite to Surf to SUP foiling without the need to change your hydrofoil!
By using the Universal KSH, you will learn a new way to ride the ocean using a type of motion that was unexplored until today. The combination of a 75 cms mast , a moderate length fuselage of 76 cm creates the perfect balance and the foundation of this modern hydrofoil designed to work at lower speeds.
Now your jibes and tacks are going to be SOOOOO easy!! And so will be pumping on flat water or ground small swell.
The front wing is the engine of the whole system. Built with a mix of light weight and heat stabilized PU core on the sides and a full carbon center plate to connect it to the fuselage, this extra thick profile wing with a 82 cms wingspan will create the right lift to start foiling at 4 knots of speed! The rear wing is 52 cms wide and has a negative dihedral angle of 154°. This angled wing design improves the “pumping” ability of the foil. the new KSH FLIGHT ALU foil is delivered with a hull flat plate to be used on US boxes slots that allow a precise micrometric trim for your sessions. Welcome to the future of riding the ocean!
SURF, KITE, SUP foil only with ONE hydrofoil!


  • Universal hybrid carbon front wing with thicker profile for unmatched stiffness and lightweight
  • Universal hybrid carbon rear wing with negative dihedral (anhedral) design to keep foiling during surface jibing. It also helps pumping the board with your feet.
  • Wider and stiffer Universal ALU mast with extra internal wall thickness and reduced outside profile. The top combination for speed potential and superior control. The most evolved ALU mast in the market today.
  • Plastic connector at the bottom of the mast allows it to fit to any fuselages from kite to surf foils, and by separating aluminum parts contact it avoids oxidation and corrosion typical when aluminum touches aluminum. Longer lifetime.
  • KSH alu fuselage with extra wide head area to carry and support super wide wings (up to 120 cms wingspan and 3000 sqcms)
  • Stainless steel (aisi 316) Helicoil trhreads on mast and fuselage for longest durability and easier to unscrew.
  • Universal plate (removable). You can change to any mast length for perfect trim and skill level .Makes your packing more compact (no plate mounted sideways inside your bag) and allows to convert your connection into any board attachment system ( 4way screws, tuttle or powerbox to be converted into ws foil use).
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