NAISH S26 Kiteboard TT Alana 2022

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Twintip Größe

  • N516.21280.000
ALANA Women’s Freeride/Freestyle Sizes: 132x39, 136x40 With input from the team and... mehr
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Women’s Freeride/Freestyle

Sizes: 132x39, 136x40

With input from the team and extensive testing with all of our female Naish rippers, the latest Alana has been created with a woman’s needs at the forefront of the design. Everything from the flex pattern, dimensions, graphics, and outline has been meticulously planned out and adjusted to perform under the feet of lighter riders. The width has been narrowed to allow for riders with smaller feet to gain increased edge control and carving ability. The Alana has a technical bottom shape with heavily channeled tips for increased grip and drive. It also features a softer flex than most of our boards, coupled with a medium rocker, it delivers unmatched comfort and performance for female riders. The Alana is here for women who want a board that not only meets their needs but can keep up with their level of shred.


  • Rounded Corners = Enhanced durability + maximum power + easy transport + improved release
  • 5.0 cm IXEF Fins = Better grip + upwind performance
  • Centered inserts so the board can be ridden on both rails to increases longevity
  • Freeride Rocker = Chop-eating + forgiving rocker + back foot directional stability
  • FTC 2.0 (Flex Torsion Control) = Optimized stiffness in both the axial + torsional axis + superior control

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