NAISH S26 Wing Foil Hover Carbon Ultra

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  • N516.20032.000.5
SIZES: 40 | 50 | 60 | 75 | 85 | 95 | 110 | 125 | 140 WING-SURFING/FOIL SURF 3K CARBON/WOOD... mehr
Produktinformationen "NAISH S26 Wing Foil Hover Carbon Ultra"

SIZES: 40 | 50 | 60 | 75 | 85 | 95 | 110 | 125 | 140

• Lightweight CNC cut EPS core
• High density deck-to-bottom foil track system with carbon reinforcement
• Full 3K carbon deck with wood sandwich and double wood in the stance area
• 3K carbon reinforced wood sandwich bottom
• Kevlar reinforced rails
• Carbon strip bottom stringer
• Diamond diecut EVA pad with micro dot embossing
• Back foot arch support
• Beveled tail kick area
• Minimum stance width widened by 5 cm
• 6 hole inserts for front strap positions
• Layout allows for dual strap setup (back strap straight - front strap angled for
goofy or regular stance)
• Windsurf style 3 strap setup
• Front: parallel double strap setup

• Due to their higher volume-to-length ratio and the option to ride with
straps, the 40, 50 and 60 liter boards have gained in popularity. Those sizes
have been fine-tuned to be used for both Wing-Surfing and surf foiling.
The foil track boxes and the tail kick were moved 1.5 inches towards the tail
to increase options for lighter riders mounting their foils for surf foiling.
• All models have a decreased nose and tail width. This is more apparent on
the smaller sizes up to the 95 and only sightly visible for sizes above 95.
The result is reduced swing weight, benefiting its use with the Wing-surfer,
especially in windier conditions.
• The foil track positioning has been moved closer to the tail on all sizes.
This adjustment is more significant on the smaller sizes than on the bigger
• The tail kick was moved further back to align with the foil track boxes,
lengthening the water line which results in earlier lift off.
• The double concave nose shape was accentuated, softening re-entry when
coming off the foil.

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