NORTH Cross Surfboard 2022

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A smooth carving, super comfortable all-round freeride board that blends the line effortlessly... mehr
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A smooth carving, super comfortable all-round freeride board that blends the line effortlessly between surf and strapless freestyle. Lively and responsive, with effortless acceleration and drive off the rail, the Cross was created to shred the waves in an ever-changing surf playground, ride real-world onshore conditions, flatwater and chop. It provides generous volume and width for a fun, forgiving ride with great upwind speed, and solid pop for freestyle tricks. Featuring grabbable rails on the top deck for easy air-handling and cushy contoured deck pads for enhanced control. It carves, it jumps, it pops. With or without straps, the Cross is your everyday go-to and one-board quiver. The ultimate all-rounder, instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride.

INCLUDES: Board with EVA Deckpad, Leash Attachment Loop. Fins sold separately.

Quad concave bottom shape
  Compact Surf Outline 
  Increased tail curve and smooth progressive rocker 
  Futurelite technology 
  Diamond VectorNet reinforcement 
  FCSII premium fin box 
  DualShock EVA inserts 
  Woven carbon tail reinforcement 
  New no-slip deck grip with toe bump and rear wedge kicker 
  Concave deck contours 
  Foot strap insert options - recommended with Free Surf Straps 
  Bevelled release rails 
  Recommended North Hexcel Coremat fins 
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