2021 Reedin Kites Superwave

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SuperWave Charge the waves. Aiming at Dedicated wave riders. Made to ride waves, without or... mehr
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Charge the waves.

Aiming at Dedicated wave riders. Made to ride waves, without or with straps, it provides amazing drive for the easiest bottom turns to top turns transition possible.


'This board delivers exactly what I need when I ride waves being strapped or strapless. I love the liveliness of it, making me feel like I’m actually riding a pure surfboard with added stability to handle the extra speed that the kite provides. I love it!'

The rocker, outline and rail shape is inspired from pure high performance surfboards and will let you focus 100% on your waveriding so you can simply go where you want on the wave. The Rocker is fairly high with a constant curve for precise and incisive turns, the outline works in combination with the rocker to provide great response to feet input. Rail flow has been fine tune to provide the perfect mix of grip in the tail area for top turns and rebounce towards your front foot when leaning for a bottom turn. It makes the board feels extremely lively under your feet.

-Made by actual kiters and surfers in Portugal, our construction really sets the Reedin boards apart from anything else on the market.- Starting with most important part of the board: The XPS core is a high density EPS core that will prevent dents and with the added U stringer makes the board virtually unbreakable. -The skin of the board is made with our infused Soric sandwich construction: The infusion ensures that we use the exact ratio fiber/resin for the best durability and minimum weight while the Soric adds an extra layer of reinforcement for unparallel impacts resistance. -The Carbon stringer on the bottom provides superior reflex for when getting out of a turn or simply riding straight.

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