2020 RRD Addiction Y25

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  • R404030
DESCRIPTION A completely redesigned kite that is moving on together with the increasing... mehr
Produktinformationen "2020 RRD Addiction Y25"


A completely redesigned kite that is moving on together with the increasing evolution of the big air discipline! The new Addiction has been redesigned to satisfy the request of the increasing group of riders that has only one drive, going huge! New shape, new five struts structure, higher aspect ratio, swept back tips and a more open leading edge arch. This mix of new characteristics give the kite an impressive boost in lifts and hangtime ability. The exhilarating big air specialist’s purpose it’s now completely focused on sending you higher than ever before.


  • Internal and external extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel
  • 45 degree leading edge reinforcements panels
  • Leading edge seam protection
  • Bridle anti-tangle device
  • Radial reinforcements
  • 5 strut construction with additional rounded Kevlar reinforcements
  • Double Dacron reinforcements on the middle strut
  • Techno Force™ Double Ripstop
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