2019 RRD Vision MK VI

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  • R494029.5
VISION 8 years ago we introduced the VISION as an "ENTRY"-Level allround kite. Since the first... mehr
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8 years ago we introduced the VISION as an "ENTRY"-Level allround kite. Since the first day, this kite has received a huge amount of positive feedback. The new VISION MK6 assures with new and agile turningspeed, slightly higher wing tips, and a lower LE-Curve for giving a constand power and a big wind range to this kite. The new VISION MK6 is still the allround kite, easy to fly, reactive, and with a predictable handling. A kite which brings a lot of fun in all conditions and it does not matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate, having fun with freestyle or waveriding. 


- agile allround kite for all conditions - safe and easy cruising, waveriding or freestyle
- soft constant pull, easy turning and non problematic handling - super stable during all your maneuver
- nice upwind performance and average groundpull, hold and steering power. 
- if you want excellent lift, jumping skills and a good hangtime
- good crash resistance due to patches
- easy and fast water relaunch

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