SABFOIL Foil Kit Black Series 83699

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KITE FOIL Kit Black Series 83699K COMPOSITION M83K -... mehr
Produktinformationen "SABFOIL Foil Kit Black Series 83699"
Kit Black Series 83699K


M83K - W699 - S430 - F703K - P02K

Bag and Q01K not included


RangeBlack Series
Recommended forBeginners - Freeride - Freestyle
Low End Speed13 - 15 kn
Top End Speed (average 75kg user)25 - 27 kn

The B83699K Black Series carbon hydrofoil kit is ideal for KiteFoil, especially for Freeride and Freestyle in every kind of wind conditions. The high lift and stability make it a good choice also for beginners.


This kit is perfect for those who want to approach the world of Kite Foiling with an unbeatable value for money.


Thanks to the Kraken Modular System connection system, maximum compatibility with all components of the same SABFOIL range is guaranteed, so that you can upgrade your setup at any time, without any problems.


The kit B83699K Black Series consists of:

  • Mast: M83K Black Series - 830 mm

  • Front Wing: W699 Black Series - 880 cm2

  • Stabilizer: S430 Black Series - 240 cm2

  • Fuselage: F703K - 703 mm

  • Mast Plate: P02K


It is possible to upgrade your kit thanks to the Quick Release System (Q01Kpatented by SABFOIL and sold separately. Thanks to it you can assemble and disassemble your hydrofoil in a few seconds, avoiding at the same time losing the configuration on the board.

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