SABFOIL Foil Kit Onda 73730

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SURF FOIL Kit Onda 73730 COMPOSITION M73K - WO730 - S370 -... mehr
Produktinformationen "SABFOIL Foil Kit Onda 73730"
Kit Onda 73730


M73K - WO730 - S370 - F663K

Bag and Q01K included

Recommended forFreeride - Surf - Wave
Low End Speed7 - 9 kn
Top End Speed (average 75kg user)16 - 18 kn

The Onda 73730 hydrofoil kit is a must-have for anyone looking for wave riding and prone surfing


The front wing (WO730) boasts low aspect ratio and provides incredible maneuverability, allowing surfers to carve and glide effortlessly on the wave's crest. The thick profile not only enhances lift, but also ensures effortless take-off, making it ideal for surfers of all levels. The mast (M73K) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth ride without sacrificing stiffness. The flat stabilizer (S370) provides excellent maneuverability and allows for easy pumping when is needed.


Whether you're looking to tackle challenging conditions or just enjoy a relaxed day of surfing, the Onda 73730 hydrofoil kit is the right option for you.


Bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) included

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