SABFOIL Foil Kit Onda Black Series 83945

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WING FOIL SURF FOIL Kit Onda Black Series 83945 COMPOSITION... mehr
Produktinformationen "SABFOIL Foil Kit Onda Black Series 83945"
Kit Onda Black Series 83945


M83K - WO945 - S425 - F703K

Bag and Q01K not included

RangeOnda - Black Series
Recommended forWave - Surf - Freeride
Low End Speed10 - 12 kn
Top End Speed (average 75kg user)19 - 21 kn

The Onda Black Series 83945 hydrofoil kit is a versatile product designed for surfers who want to tackle medium power waves in low wind conditions, but who also want to have wingfoil sessions.


Black Series components provide unbeatable value for money to this full-carbon kit, making it ideal for anyone who wants to approach the hydrofoil world without sacrificing the quality of carbon. All the components are compatible with the standard series, so that you can upgrade your equipment whenever you like. Stiffness performance is about 15% lower than standard components, and the design is monochromatic.


The front wing (WO945) boasts medium aspect ratio, flat profile, and relatively high surface area, offering a balanced combination of maneuverability and lift, still providing a discrete speed. This allows surfers to carve, accelerate and stay on top of the wave's crest with ease. The mast (M83K) has a balanced profile, providing a smooth and fast ride without sacrificing stiffness. The flat stabilizer (S425) provides excellent maneuverability.


Whether you're an experienced surfer looking for a high-performance product or just starting out, the Onda Black Series 83945 hydrofoil kit offers a versatile and fun surfing experience.

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