SABFOIL Foil Kit Tortuga 83790

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WING FOIL Kit Tortuga 83790 COMPOSITION M83K - WT790 - S430 -... mehr
Produktinformationen "SABFOIL Foil Kit Tortuga 83790"
Kit Tortuga 83790


M83K - WT790 - S430 - F753K

Bag and Q01K included

Recommended forEasy Riding - Freeride
Low End Speed7 - 9 kn
Top End Speed (average 75kg user)19 - 21 kn

The Tortuga 83790 kit is a beginner-friendly product designed for wingfoil, and it is ideal for freeride in medium-low wind conditions.

The front wing (WT790) features a low aspect ratio, high volume and generous surface, providing great lift and the small winglets enhance stability, making it easy to ride even for those new to the sport. The mast (M83K) has a standard profile, providing a smooth and fast ride while providing excellent stiffness. The gullwing shape stabilizer (S430) provides optimal control without sacrificing maneuverability.


The Tortuga 83790 is the ideal choice for those who want to begin their adventure in wingfoiling and are looking for a reliable product that provides a fun and accessible way to enjoy the sport.


Bag and Quick Release System (Q01K) included

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