2021 SABFOIL Kit75 C40 - 790 Vento

2021 SABFOIL Kit75 C40 - 790 Vento
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  • V75C790
The  easiest carbon wind foil  in the market at a  very affordable price... mehr
Produktinformationen "2021 SABFOIL Kit75 C40 - 790 Vento"

The easiest carbon wind foil in the market at a very affordable price

Kit MW75C40 - W790 - S450 - FW900 CARBON VENTO - KITE specs
Suggested ForWaveriding - Freeride

Cruising, carving, wave riding in small waves, the V75C790 does everything with amazing ease of use. Jibing has never been so easy!

Everyone who tried the new Vento 75C790 was impressed how easily the foil flies!

Designed to plane early with no effort, an ultra stable foil that performs incredibly well in light to medium wind. For beginners to intermediate wind foilers.

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