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  • GAB2017020-1001
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  • 2017
Girls just wanna have fun! That’s why GA decided to produce a special edition SUP for all the... mehr
Produktinformationen "GA Boards IQ Girls 2017"

Girls just wanna have fun!

That’s why GA decided to produce a special edition SUP for all the paddling ladies out there.
With a custom design and tech-specs ideal for a female user´s needs, they are happy to present to you their brand-new GA IQ Girl.

It doesn´t matter if you want to catch waves, cruise across your local lake or tour the canals of Venice, the IQ Girl is your perfect partner.
All the boards are coming with a new Double-Rail-Stringer-Construction which makes the iSUPs stiffer and lighter than ever before.


  • Thruster fin setup
  • Lightweight Durable construction for maximum manoeuvrability and ease of use
  • Secure „lock in“ inflation valve
  • Moulded fin technology with US Box Center fin
  • New Double-Rail-Construction – Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
  • EVA pad on deck
  • Soft handle for convenient board carrying
  • Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
  • Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
  • Comfortable heavy-duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
  • Easy-to-use repair set
  • On deck rope storage system

Scope of supply

  • Board
  • Fin
  • Pump
  • Repair Set
  • Bag

10‘1‘‘x32‘‘x5‘‘ | 270 Liter
10‘7‘‘x33‘‘x5‘‘ | 285 Liter


Marke: GA Boards
Typ: Allround, Wave
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