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F-ONE Big ONE Kiteboard 2022 F-ONE Big ONE Kiteboard 2022
BIG ONE Discover the amazing world of riding in very light winds with the BIG ONE. You’ll be out on the water before all the other twin-tip riders ! Amazing lightwind performances Fantastic edging abilities Very easy control Outstanding...
ab 580,00 € *
F-ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech Papaya Kiteboard 2022 F-ONE Trax HRD Lite Tech Papaya Kiteboard 2022
TRAX HRD Lite Tech PAPAYA The TRAX has a long heritage and is one of the most popular twin tips on the market. It is the ultimate freeride and freestyle board with a unique feeling on the water, offering both speed and comfort. The HRD...
ab 610,00 € *
CABRINHA XO Kiteboard 2023 CABRINHA XO Kiteboard 2023
XO FREESTYLE / FREERIDE SIZES: 133 X 38.5 / 136 X 39.5 The XO is a high performance freestyle / freeride model that is optimized for lighter weights and generally smaller riders. The flex pattern is softer for a smoother ride and the...
ab 799,00 € *
NHP WMN FREERIDE / FREESTYLE 133x40 | 136x41 WHY NHP WMN: From flat water to choppy seas, the NHP WMN is adaptable to any conditions, and is the ideal board for female riders who are looking for a truly unique but form-friendly board...
548,00 € *
2021 F-ONE Trax 2021 F-ONE Trax
TRAX 132 - 133 The TRAX is all about having fun on the water. This board is based on the legendary TRAX heritage and implements some of the latest thinking developed on the WTF?! to offer a unique blend of comfort, performance and ease...
ab 382,00 € *
2019 Duotone Soleil Textreme 2019 Duotone Soleil Textreme
SOLEIL TEXTREME PERFORMANCE FREERIDE Von Frauen für Frauen entworfen stellt das Soleil Textreme die High-Performance-Version des Soleil dar und bietet das gewisse Extra an Leichtigkeit und Glamour. KEY FEATURES DUOTONE SOLEIL TEXTREME...
548,00 € *
2018 Nobile NHP WMN 2018 Nobile NHP WMN
Save NHP WMN FUTURISM HIGH-PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE MACHINE. FEMALE RIDER’S BEST FRIEND! STYLE: freeride, freestyle Size (cm): 129x38 | 132x40 | 135x41 Main features: • Flex pattern and stance tailored to women’s needs • Super traction,...
ab 497,00 € *
TWO.AG Heaven TWO.AG Heaven
Die verfügbaren Boardgrössen findest Du oben auf dieser Seite! Das Board wird mit Bindungen, Finnen, Finnenschrauben, Griff und Griffschrauben geliefert Hochwertiger Versand mit UPS oder GLS F­R DIESEN ARTIKEL KOSTENFREI! Wir sind...
590,00 € *
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