LEVITAZ Aspect 2 Foil

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The Aspect 2 wing is created with a lower aspect ratio and rounded tips as compared to its predecessor. Therefore, the foil is easier to control and safer to ride without losing the radical performance of the previous model.

We have totally redesigned its lay-up and achieved to make the Aspect2 front wing 30% lighter.

The new shape offers a huge speed range which is underlined by its smooth stall behavior and the low stall speed.

Go fast and go big - this is your wing!

TI Edition

The TI edition comes with a high-grade titanium fuselage. Ultra-lightweight and seawater resistant. This upgrade saves you 400g compared to the standard configuration!


 80cm & 80cm TI Mast = Carbon with aluminum interfaces

90cm & 90cm TI Mast = Full Carbon

Mast 80 cm Carbon with aluminium interfaces / 90 cm Full Carbon
Front wing Aspect 2 (625 cm²)
Fuselage 55
Rearwing RW190
  We recommend +0,6° rear wing angle
Connection Plate  
Angle Shim Set +0,15°/+0,3°/+0,6°/+0,9°
Foil Screw Set incl. Tool 4 x M6x20, 2 x M6x14
Anti Seize Paste Förch, 5g
Suitable Protective Cover Set (3-piece set) Front wing-, Rear wing- & Mast-Cover
Carrier Bag Hydrofoil Bag 96