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Accessory Items

2021 ENSIS Wing
398,00 €*

Accessory Items

2021 ENSIS Wing
398,00 €*
Produktinformationen "ENSIS PACER 2000 COMPLETE FOIL KIT"


lat. "Sword", "Fin"

Welcome to watersports 4.0.

The new era of fun on water has just begun.

Made possible by new materials, new thinking,

and a new style of riding.

Made possible by ENSIS-Watersports,

a brand engineered in the heart of Switzerland.

Ensis Pacer 2000 – Light Winds or Larger Rider Foil 

The Ensis Pacer Foil was developed in cooperation with Moses / SAB Foil.


The Ensis Pacer Foil is a high aspect foil with a perfect ratio of wing span and surface area while a thin profile to allow for higher speeds and keeping optimal stability. With three interchangeable front wings (1700/2000/2400) the Ensis Pacer is ready for any conditions of rider characteristics.

A universal 450 Stab rear wing has been designed to offer a high level of stability while allowing the foil to accelerate, maintain speed and increase responsiveness.

75cm titanium fuselage you will be provided with ample stability while still being responsive to get you in and out of manoeuvres quickly.

Full Carbon 82cm Mast is stiff yet incredibly light and fits perfectly into fuselage to minimise instability and unwanted flex.


Hand Laid Carbon constructed Mast and Front/Rear Wing give you an incredibly light foil that is stiff and responsive while maintaining durability.

CNC Aluminium Fuselage is designed to fit every attachment like a glove while keeping rigidity and stability.

Ensis Pacer 2000 Foil Kit Includes:

  • 2000 Ensis Pacer Front Wing.
  • 450 Ensis Pacer Rear Wing.
  • 82cm Carbon Foil Mast.
  • 72cm Titanaium Fuselage.
  • All Fixings.
  • Protective Carry Bag.

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2021 ENSIS Wing
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2021 ENSIS Wing
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